AI Muse
WordPress AI Plugin

AI Content Generator for WordPress, a cutting-edge plugin designed to revolutionize the way you create content on your WordPress sites.

Supporting APIs over 100+ AI models from OpenAI, Google AI, Mistral AI, Meta AI and Anthropic, this powerful tool brings the future of automated content generation directly into your WordPress Block Editor or Site Editor.

Get Inspired and Create with AI.


Playground is your ChatGPT inside WordPress Dashboard.

Write articles, posts, pages, post types, product descriptions, ideas, codes snippets and content with playground. 

Use the History and Search for going back to your ideas and iterating on them. Every user will see its own history so multiple users can use the playgronud feature without problem. Your Data and your Privacy. 

Create Your Prompt Templates our feature and test it on Playground.

Endless possibilities.

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Prompt Templates

Create your own AI Prompt Libraries and Templates with our prompt templates feature. Custom Prompts and Dynamic Custom prompts makes your work easier.

You can customize, edit, and add your own prompts. Create categories to filter and organize them. Dynamic prompting with dynamic tags.

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Assistant Block

The WP AI Muse Plugin supports the block editor. 

Our AI Muse Block makes creating content with AI very easy and seamless.

Use our AI Muse Assistant Block in the Block editor to create content anyway with ease.

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Content Generator

Dedicated AI Content Generation editor for writing your topics, new posts and filling your post types. It supports native WordPress post fields and post types.

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Overview of your AI and model usage, estimated costs, user expenditures, and token usage. Features include date range filters and visually appealing charts.

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Image Generator

Generate images for your content using artificial intelligence. AI Muse can generate images for your content or based on your ideas.

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Site Editor

With our site editor support, you can effortlessly generate your site editor layout contents. Don’t worry about getting stuck with content; our AI Muse Block and native block support will help you create any content.

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Post Type Support

Dedicated AI Content Generation editor for writing your topics, new posts and filling your post types. It supports native WordPress post fields and post types.

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OpenAI Support

AI Muse Plugin Supports OpenAI latest and greatest models. GPT3,5 and GPT4 are supported out of the box.

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Google AI Support

AI Muse Plugin Supports Google AI LLM Model Gemini Pro.

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Open Router Support

More than 100+ models are supported with Open Router API and you can use any of them with our AI Muse Plugin.

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WooCommerce Support

You can generate your WooCommerce Contents, Descriptions and SEO Friendly articles with AI Muse Plugin.

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Community Forum & Help Center Support
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Community Forum & Help Center Support
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All Plans include

Prompt Templates

Content Generator

Block Editor

Image Generator

Site Editor

Advanced Usage Reports

Site Editor

Advanced Usage Charts

AI Suggestions for Post List

Advanced Usage Logs

Bulk AI Suggests

AI Suggestions for WooCommerce

Bulk Content Generation

Bulk Image Generation

WooCommerce Support

Custom Post Type Support

OpenAI API Support

Google AI API Support

OpenRouter API Support