Site Editor

With our site editor support, you can effortlessly generate your site editor layout contents. Don’t worry about getting stuck with content; our AI Muse Block and native block support will help you create any content.

AI Muse WordPress Plugin: End User Training for Block Editor & Site Editor Support

This guide will equip you with the knowledge to leverage AI Muse within your WordPress website’s block editor and site editor. AI Muse seamlessly integrates with native blocks and popular themes, allowing you to effortlessly generate content using the power of AI.

Getting Started with AI Muse

  1. Locate the AI Muse Button: Look for the AI Muse button within your block editor or site editor interface. Its placement might vary depending on your theme, but it’s typically found near the block editing options.
  2. Initiate Content Generation: Click the AI Muse button. This will open a dedicated section for interacting with the AI content generation features.
  3. Utilize Preset Prompts: AI Muse provides pre-defined prompt styles that can be readily used. These preset prompts offer a starting point for various content types, like product descriptions, blog posts, or social media captions. Simply select the relevant preset and watch AI Muse work its magic.
  4. Craft Custom Prompts: If the preset prompts don’t suit your needs, you have the flexibility to craft your own custom prompts. Provide clear instructions and keywords that guide AI Muse towards the specific content you require.
  5. Refine Your Content: Here’s where the true power of AI Muse lies. You can adjust the prompts further to refine the generated content. Don’t like a particular sentence? Modify the prompt and regenerate! This iterative process allows you to achieve the desired content outcome.

Additional Features:

  • Save Your Custom Prompts: AI Muse allows you to store your frequently used custom prompts for future convenience. This eliminates the need to re-write prompts repeatedly.

Benefits of Using AI Muse:

  • Effortless Content Creation: Generate high-quality content with minimal effort, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Content Exploration: Experiment with different prompts to explore various content angles and ideas for your website.
  • Writer’s Block Buster: Overcome writer’s block and get past creative roadblocks by using AI Muse as a springboard for your content.

Supported Features:

  • Native WordPress Blocks: AI Muse works seamlessly with the built-in blocks offered by WordPress.
  • Popular Themes: Enjoy compatibility with a wide range of popular WordPress themes for a smooth user experience.