Introduction to AI Muse

AI Muse WordPress Plugin emerges as a revolutionary tool designed for a broad audience including agencies, bloggers, creators, editors, sellers, and SEO experts. This comprehensive AI plugin for WordPress facilitates the generation of both text and images, enhancing productivity and promoting a unique style in content creation.

Key Features

  1. Ultimate AI Content & Image Generator: Leverage the power of over 100 AI models from leading technologies including OpenAI, Google AI, and Open Router directly within your WordPress Block Editor. This feature is ideal for generating engaging articles, SEO-optimized descriptions, captivating images, and managing bulk content creation with efficiency.
  2. Content Generator: Equipped with a dedicated AI content generation editor, this plugin supports the creation of topics, new posts, and filling of post types, adhering to native WordPress fields and types.
  3. Dashboard Insights: Gain comprehensive insights with an overview of AI and model usage, estimated costs, user expenditures, and token usage. The dashboard is enhanced with date range filters and visually appealing charts for easy monitoring.
  4. Image Generator: Create images tailored to your content or based on your creative ideas using artificial intelligence, enabling a seamless integration of visual elements into your posts.
  5. Prompt Templates: Customize and create your own AI prompt libraries. This feature allows for easy organization and filtration of prompts, making content creation more structured and efficient.
  6. Block and Site Editor Support: The plugin natively supports the WordPress block and site editors, making AI-driven content creation easy and seamless across your website.
  7. Post Type Support: Enhance your WordPress experience by utilizing custom post types for content creation, supported by the AI Muse Plugin.
  8. Comprehensive AI Model Support: Enjoy out-of-the-box support for the latest and greatest models from OpenAI (including GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4), Google AI’s LLM Model Gemini Pro, and over 100+ models via Open Router API.
  9. WooCommerce Integration: Generate content for your WooCommerce platform, including product descriptions and SEO-friendly articles, with ease.

Pricing and Support

The AI Muse WordPress Plugin offers most of its basic features for free, allowing users to explore its capabilities before opting for premium features. Dedicated support ensures that users can maximize the potential of this plugin effectively.

We have 2 ways to support our users

  1. Be part of our AI Muse community and leverage our knowledge base at
  2. Send us your questions or requests from the Contact Us form below.

Our pricing changes based on the number of sites supported and subject to change. The latest could be find at

We strive to include as many features as possible with all of the plans above. We will continue adding many more premium features based on our AI Muse roadmap as well as the popular end-user requests.