How Long System Prompts Should Be?, WordPress AI


Getting high-quality answers from AI is not that easy. Yes, big models like Opus, GPT-4, or LLAMA 70B are very smart. If you give them very short and bad system prompts you will see even the big and very smart models fail to generate good quality content.

Keep it mind when editing or creating system prompts it is very important to make it as detailed as possible even with examples.

Don’t worry about making the system prompt very long. New AI models are getting bigger and smarter and have really large context sizes. Because of that in time even having book size system prompts will be no problem.

When it comes to creating content system prompts are the most important parts of your Website AI.

For example, on our AI Muse plugin, we have independent System Prompts for different parts of the AI generation features.

This is important both for AI and for us.

AI model needs to know what it is writing, where it is writing, and in what style it needs to write. These 3 points are very important in the system prompts.

When we don’t give enough knowledge to the AI Model it starts to hallucinate really bad.