WordPress AI Content Generator Plugin


Our new AI Muse Plugin is a great WordPress AI Content Generator and AI Helper.

With AI Muse you can solve anything. Generate Content, Generate Keywords, Generate Descriptions, Re-Generate Content, Re-Generate Titles, Create New Contents, Create SEO Friendly Articles, Edit Your Articles, Fix Your Articles Grammer Errors, Create Your Prompt Library, Create Your Custom System Prompts.

And much much more.

Your imagination is your limit.

Here is our AI Muse Plugin Feature List;

  1. Playground: This feature is like having ChatGPT inside your WordPress dashboard. You can write various types of content such as articles, posts, product descriptions, and more. It includes a history and search function to revisit and iterate on past ideas.
  2. Prompt Templates: Allows you to create, customize, and organize your own libraries of AI prompts. You can edit prompts and use dynamic tags for more tailored content creation.
  3. Assistant Block: This is integrated within the WordPress block editor, making it easy to create content using AI directly within the editor interface.
  4. Content Generator: A dedicated editor that supports writing new posts and topics, accommodating native WordPress post fields and types.
  5. Dashboard: Provides an overview of your AI and model usage, costs, and expenditures with features like date range filters and visual charts.
  6. Image Generator: Generates images based on your content ideas using AI technology.
  7. Site Editor Support: Helps in generating layout contents for your site editor, ensuring smooth content creation.
  8. Post Type Support: Similar to the content generator but specifically for handling different WordPress post types.
  9. OpenAI Support: Supports the latest OpenAI models including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.
  10. Google AI Support: Integrates Google AI’s LLM Model Gemini Pro.
  11. Open Router Support: Offers compatibility with over 100+ AI models through the Open Router API.
  12. WooCommerce Support: Generates content for WooCommerce, including product descriptions and SEO-friendly articles.